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Private Teaching Studio

Claire holds a private voice studio for all ages where she offers both online and in person lessons.

Whether you're looking to study pop, jazz or classical music, Claire believes that anyone can learn to sing.


She enjoys sharing her love of music with her students and believes in the importance of how music can enrich all of our lives.


Having over ten years of experience, Claire teaches as a guest coach at the Lippert Music Center in Toronto and is often invited to mentor young singers in various high schools, universities, conservatories and intensive operatic training programs around the world. 


For more information on how you can study with Claire please contact her through the link below.


Student, Jay Corvidae, Age 20:


Claire de Sévigné is a dedicated vocal teacher with a personalised approach greatly benefiting her students. Her warmth and support, coupled with technical skills and passion makes lessons a joyful and enriching experience. Her connection to the art form is inspiring, and as an educator she turns the daunting world of opera into an achievable art form for any voice type. My lessons with Claire are what propelled me into the classical world today. Under her tenure she was able to help me prepare for  an audition for the University of Toronto's music program, and my studio of choice. Her connections, vast knowledge, and creative warm-ups have all proven useful as I now continue my first year of undergraduate studies at UofT. I highly recommend her for anyone looking to better understand their voice and the classical world of singing.” 



Student, Golrohk Aminian, Age 50:


“It’s is now about 5 years that I have been working with Claire on a wide range of repertoire. This journey has been a most extraordinary one because of her. I couldn’t have asked to have a better teacher. Her knowledge, the way she cares, and her kind and supportive character have been three important pillars of my musical endeavours. She knows technique, and more importantly, she is patient enough to teach it to you in a million different ways. Claire takes the time to diagnose your issues and attend to them. I would not have enjoyed singing nor achieved any of what I have done without her radiant presence as my teacher. Thanks from the bottom of my heart Claire!”

Student, Denise Wong, Age 74:


“Claire’s warm, nurturing personality immediately put me at ease, and I have no doubt that it will be the same for everyone. She firmly believes that “anyone can sing”, and her passion triggers her dedication and commitment to help you find and develop your natural singing voice.  Claire has an exceptionally keen ear and hones in like a laser beam on the areas in your voice that need work, then she provides effective remedies with tangible results.  For someone like me, Claire understands that learning something new later in life comes with its own set of challenges, and she approaches each lesson with patience and understanding. Claire is an extraordinarily gifted teacher who has an amazing ability to break down complex vocal techniques into simple, manageable, do-able steps, ensuring that even a total beginner like me can grasp the fundamentals and apply them. I always feel uplifted, encouraged and that I have learned something new and exciting after every lesson with Claire.  So if you want to learn to sing (or to improve on your already beautiful singing voice), no matter what age or stage you are at, you will never regret choosing Claire as your guide and voice teacher.” 

-Student, Sophia Wang, Age 17:


I only had lessons with Ms. Sévigné three times as a part of a coaching program recommended to me by my music teacher for an upcoming school performance, and I was very pleased! Even online, she has a way of describing techniques and possible strategies for opening my voice, getting a better sound and overcoming difficulties. Wonderful and encouraging teacher!




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